Foreclosed Properties and REO Properties are Targeted for Theft, Vandalism, and Squatters

Don't be a victim of unauthorized occupation and break-ins. Our REO and Foreclosure Board Up Services can help prevent and deter these issues. We work with many banks, lending institutions and property managers.

Management companies and others who manage foreclosed properties have used our service routinely to prevent losses. With CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE aka CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE, your vacant property issues are reduced and or eliminated.  There is no longer an issue, no matter the neighborhood or the property. We work with all types of servicers, receivers, property management and bank asset managers, enabling you to quickly and easily secure your building so you can move on.

A vacant building is a vulnerable one. With Foreclosure Board Up Services by CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE aka CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE on the scene, you can manage your property with confidence and security.

Many understand the longer a building it sits empty, the more vulnerable it becomes. It doesn’t take long for intruders to cause catastrophic damage to a building.  That’s why so many, property managers count on CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE aka CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE to keep unauthorized persons out and effectively prevents crime, accidents and damage caused by vandalism, flooding and fire.