Securing buildings makes communities safer for everyone. Protecting your properties and Government - Public Housing with CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE prevents them from becoming hotspots for crime and vandalism.

When vacant properties, or Government and Public Housing are not cared for, they can destroy a neighborhood. CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE creates an impenetrable seal that keeps buildings empty and safe, preventing crime from moving in. Whatever your plans for the neighborhood may be, CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE keep them safe and give you unparalleled peace of mind. With CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE on your side, your agency’s properties are always protected.

We work with different government agencies and public housing authorities to provide secured solutions for virtually any project. Whether working on a public housing property, hospital, school, university, library or any other government-owned property, CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE aka CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE gives you the utmost in durability and strength for unsurpassed vacant property security. Our board up systems can be painted to match the building and neighborhood. With CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE you can protect your neighborhood and keep it beautiful all at once.

CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE ALSO KNOW AS CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE Click here to contact our services department and learn more about your vacant property security options, or call us at 773-338-2500.