Are You Going Thru The Construction Process or Rehabbing Your Property?

Whether you’re in new construction or rehabbing an existing property, our services and board ups protect your building and everything in it. With CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE aka CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE, working on-site is safer than ever for your construction projects.

Construction work doesn’t have to be risky. Use our board up services to keep your equipment secure.  With our board up services your building materials and equipment is safely on site every day.  It’s no surprise vacant and rehabbed properties are regularly targeted for theft. Protecting your investment with CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE ALSO KNOW AS CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE keeps your property safe up until move-in day.

The time between the end of construction and the sale of a property is typically a period with high risk of theft. With CHICAGO BOARD UP SERVICE you don’t have to worry about the condition of your appliances, furnaces, fixtures or furniture. Buyers know that their property will remain safe and secure, and you don’t have to waste time and money dealing with insurance claims for theft or property damage. Fortifying your vacant property security with CHICAGOLAND BOARD UP SERVICE allows you to flip your properties faster, easier and safer than ever before.